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    Yuanta Commercial Bank (“the Bank”), formerly Asia Pacific Commercial Bank, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuanta Financial Holding Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific Commercial Bank was established with the approval of the Ministry of Finance on January 14, 1992 and officially launched its operation on February 12nd, 1992.

    To comply with the development of the financial market and align with the Government’s financial reform policy, the Bank joined Fuhwa FHC on August 1st, 2002 through share conversion, becoming its 100% invested subsidiary, and changed its name to Fuhwa Commercial Bank in September. On April 2nd, 2007, Yuanta Core Pacific Securities merged with Fuhwa FHC formally, therefore the Bank changed its name to Yuanta Commercial Bank on September 23th of the same year.

    In the development process, to expand the foundation of operation and strengthen business competitiveness, Douliu Credit Cooperative, Taitung Credit Cooperative, Tainan No. 7 and No. 6 Credit Cooperative were successively acquired during 2003 to 2005. In April 2010, the Bank generally assumed 18 domestic branches of Chinfon Bank and merged with Ta Chong Commercial Bank on January 1st, 2018.

    The Bank set up Yuanta Property Insurance Agent Company through reinvestment on October 2, 1999 with the main business at property insurance agency services and Yuanta Life insurance agency Co., Ltd. on November 20, 2001 with the main business at life insurance agency services. In addition, Yuanta International Leasing Co., Ltd. was established on November 15, 2012 with the main business at dealership, leasing and factoring management of immovable properly / real property.

    On August 5, 2015, the Bank acquired TongYang Savings Bank from Yuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd, which is the Bank's first overseas subsidiary. On December 7 in the same year, a capital increase for TongYang Savings Bank was completed, making its capital to 1 billion pesos. On September 26, 2016, TongYang Savings Bank, was formally renamed Yuanta Savings Bank Philippines, Inc. Headquartered in Manila, it has two branches. In November 2019, in order to strengthen the bank’s financial structure and expand the operation scale, the bank’s subsequent capital increased was carried out in stages, and the current capital 2.4 billion pesos.

    On April 25, 2016, the Bank acquired the subsidiary of AON Corporation in Korea, Han Shin Savings Bank, to be the Bank’s second overseas subsidiary. On February 13, 2017, Han Shin Savings Bank was renamed Yuanta Savings Bank Korea Co., Ltd., whose head office and one branch are both situated in Seoul.

January 2018 Acquired and merged “Ta Chong Bank”
The Hong Kong branch was established
February 2017 “Han Shin Savings Bank” in Korea was officially
renamed “Yuanta Savings Bank Korea Co., Ltd.”
September 2016 “Tong Yang Savings Bank” in Philippines was officially renamed
“Yuanta Savings Bank Philippines, Inc.”
April 2016 Acquired “Han Shin Savings Bank” in Korea, the Bank’s second overseas
August 2015 Acquired “TongYang Savings Bank,” the Bank’s
first overseas subsidiary
April 2010 Purchase and Assumption “Chin-Fon Bank” of 18 branches;
Total branches increased to 88
September 2007 Renamed “Yuanta Commercial Bank”
December 2005  Acquired and merged “Tainan 6th Credit Cooperative”;
Total branches increased to 70
June 2005 Acquired and merged “Tainan 7th Credit Cooperative”;
Total branches increased to 58
June 2004 Acquired and merged “Taitung Credit Cooperative”;
Total branches increased to 50
July 2003 Acquired and merged “Toulio Credit Cooperative”;
Total branches increased to 42
August 2002 Joined Fuhwa FHC;Renamed “Fuhwa Commercial Bank” ;
Total Branches 37
February 1992 “Asia Pacific Commercial Bank” was found;
Total Branches 7
  *Domestic branch:149 branches
  *Overseas branch: Hong Kong branch
  *Overseas Office:Yangon Representative Office
  Yuanta International Leasing Co., Ltd.
Yuanta Savings Bank Philippines, Inc.
Yuanta Savings Bank Korea Co., Ltd.

    The Bank upholds the business philosophy- Integrity, Stability, Service, Innovation, and Attentiveness, with the advantages of the Group, the Bank develops the wholesale banking and consumer banking in good balance, and steadily expands the scale of various businesses, growing into a medium-to-large-sized private bank with an excellent level of asset quality and capital adequacy in the Taiwan banking industry. The Bank possesses 149 domestic branches and three foreign institutes, including Hong Kong Branch, Philippine Subsidiary, and South Korea Subsidiary. Through cooperation between domestic and foreign operations, the Bank can provide customers with cross-border financial services.

    Looking forward to the future, the Bank will, on the premise of maintaining good asset quality and complying with laws and regulations, provide customers with more diversified and more comprehensive professional financial services to enhance market competitiveness, continuously expand the scale of various businesses, and promote the five aspects of sustainable action: corporate governance, customer rights, employee care, environmental sustainability and social welfare , creating shareholders’ value and fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

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